When it comes to paying on our store we have a few options right now, but are always looking to have more in the future :D

At the moment we have the most notable Card Makes which include

Visa Debit

Visa Credit


American Express

These are charged at the moment of the order being placed per our Terms and Conditions

โ€œWhen placing an order with us, we will always secure the funds at the checkout.โ€

If you wish to see the Full Terms and Conditions they are here: https://www.totalcards.net/terms-and-conditions

We have recently added a buy now pay later option through Klarna, These options are on some items, but do not work well with Points and Store Credit right now (The Team are working on this).

These are the Options

Pay in 3: First payment will be taken at the point of sale and then the next 30 days after that and the next 30 after that

Pay in 30 Days: You will pay 30 days after this is shipped from us.

We hope that this helps and If we do get any more payment methods we will make sure to update this ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you do have any questions our support team are happy to help 9-5 Monday to Saturday and you can reach out to them at support@totalcards.net

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