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What is a pre-order?
What is a pre-order?

What is a pre order?

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A pre-order is very similar to buying a normal item that is in stock. The process is identical apart from a pre-order being an item that has not yet been released by the manufacturer, but due to high levels of interest for these products, we can take early payments to secure your quantity ensuring you don't miss out when the product is released. This is a very common practice for 99% of the retailers in this industry.

To help show you that this product is a pre-order we have multiple indicators to help show you that the item is a pre-order. The main feature is the "Add to basket" now says "Pre-order Now". We display a line of text in section (1) of the image above to show you that this product is a pre-order. The remaining notices can be found in section (2).

  • Blue boxes display the product type which either shows "in-stock" or 'pre-order".

  • Green boxes display the site quantity.

  • Purple boxes indicate the release date of the item. This countdown can sometimes change to just the name of the month when the advertised release date has passed.

(If we have a known significant delay we will inform you via email using the email address provided at the checkout. Otherwise, we have to wait for the stock to arrive before we can ship out your order)

If you have ordered in-stock items as well as your pre-order item we are able to split your order but this can sometimes incur additional shipping costs depending on the cost of your order, so we suggest placing multiple orders if you need other items sooner. For information on ordering in-stock and pre-order items together please read our Ordering In-Stock & Pre-Order items article: Click Here.

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