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Can I purchase more than what you have in stock?
Can I purchase more than what you have in stock?
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We can certainly look at each request on an individual basis as we would love to help fulfil the quantity that you would like to order. We have great links to many TCG suppliers and would be more than happy to secure a larger quantity from our suppliers than is available to purchase on our website.

Simply use this link to reach out to our customer support team - [email protected] - who will be able to advise if we can order more stock for you. If our team are able to get hold of the quantities/ stock you require, they will advise you to place your order with us. There will be a slight delay as we will need to await the delivery of these from our suppliers but it won't be long as we usually receive deliveries every 3-4 days.

As we're purchasing these specifically for you and we wouldn't normally stock the additional quantities requested, our team go to a lot of effort to arrange a specific order for requested quantities so we would appreciate it if you can try to avoid cancelling such orders at any cost.

We understand that in some cases, this may be unavoidable so while we would be able to cancel the order, we would require a return fee for us to return the goods back to our suppliers since these were ordered specifically for you.

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