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Do you weigh booster packs?
Do you weigh booster packs?
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We understand that some sellers weigh their boosters to obtain the more expensive cards! This is a practice that we find to be Abhorrent! Over the years we have been proud to deliver the highest quality customer satisfaction with everything we sell and we would never jeopardise this. Being collectors ourselves we know how rare some of these cards can be, and we want to give you the very best chance of finding these with your purchase.

It can be very difficult to trust a seller and not think of them possibly robbing you! However, we have never operated in this way nor do we plan on doing so! We know just as much as you that any suspicion would severely damage our reputation and as a company, this is not something that we are willing to risk for our benefit.

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best service we possibly can and that's exactly what you will receive!

As a reassurance, we would like to point you to our customer openings playlist on Youtube and our Trustpilot reviews for a snapshot of our customer feedback!

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