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I think my packs have been tampered with/resealed
I think my packs have been tampered with/resealed
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Below is our Policy on Resealed Packs and Tampering With Sealed Products.

We have several queries that reach our Helpdesk, in relation to booster packs from various manufacturers that seem to have an issue in some way. We would like to address all queries and clear up any misunderstanding for our customers that may think that we would have any association with tampering with sealed products.

We have NOT, would NOT and will NOT conduct business in this way.

We are a very reputable company with thousands of trusted reviews from our customers not to mention the thousands of other happy customers who have not rated us online yet, that have all had an amazing experience shopping with Total Cards and continue to use us as their only place to buy TCGs.

We buy our stock directly from the main suppliers which our brands such as Pokemon, Yugioh and Magic The Gathering have trusted and used for many years to distribute their products around the world.

We receive stock regularly and we know that the printing process for cards from time to time can sometimes be a little off-centred or miss-cut or may have taken a little damage when being packed. As we are one of the cheapest stores online, we deal with thousands of booster packs each week so we see a wide range of boosters that may have been damaged in the manufacturing process. Whether it’s the pack itself or the contents, all we ask is that you consider that quality control on a sealed booster pack can not be checked once it’s closed and the contents will, unfortunately, find their way to a customer.

If ever the contents of a product do arrive damaged we are more than happy to investigate any issues you have relating to a faulty sealed product and pass this on to the manufacturer of the product to look into further on your behalf.

We also have the integrity of our business and all our staff at heart and to continue selling official products is what we do and love. If we were to ever do this to sealed products, we would soon find ourselves banned from buying said products and we wouldn't have a business or be able to provide jobs for people who want to work in this industry.

In short, We wouldn't jeopardise our business, employees or our reputation and most importantly our customer loyalty by acting in such a way.

We are seeing this happen more and more, and not just to our customers, we have had incidents like this occurring on our Youtube Channel, where we often do openings to share with our customers, below we have included just a couple of examples from us and others which shows that these defects can happen during the manufacturing process.

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