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A sealed product I received is missing something.
A sealed product I received is missing something.
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We understand how important it is to receive quality goods, especially sealed products and boxed items, so we do our very best to inspect them before adding them to our inventory. However, we don't have the ability to open sealed products so at times there may be an issue with something missing, not in the correct quantity or not printed correctly. Rest assured that we work very closely with our suppliers to do our best to resolve any quality issues you may have.

If your order is of a Pokemon-related nature, we recommend that you reach out directly to Pokemon as they are best equipped to address any quality control issues. You can access their card and parts replacement policy here: and the service request form here:

Of course, if you encounter any issues with your sealed product please do not open it and contact us immediately at [email protected] so that we can act swiftly and work with our suppliers to resolve any issues for you.

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