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My order is lost?
My order is lost?
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We would hate to think that your parcel got lost on it's way to you, however sometimes situations like this may occur. If your parcel hasn't been received and you are a UK customer, get in touch with us and we will be able to advise, if your parcel is coming via Royal Mail, please allow 10 working days after your parcel was due to be delivered as we will be unable to get involved until this time has passed.
If your parcel is coming with DPD you can contact us as soon as 1 day after the delivery is due to arrive with you.
When we get in touch with the courier they will have to investigate to find out the location of your parcel and see what has happened with this, depending on the complexity of this it may take some time for them to locate and provide an update back to us,

Please note, We are unable to offer any refunds/replacements until the couriers have completed their investigation of the parcel

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