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What does it mean when my order is delayed?
What does it mean when my order is delayed?
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When a product release date is provided by the manufacturers, these are used as a guide only and do not necessarily reflect when they will be available. The date advertised is what the manufacturers use internationally but stock arrives with different suppliers at different times and this can be further influenced by logistics, production and global issues. There are also times when the manufacturers themselves need to push back a release date due to further needed quality control, additional production required, staggered releases (like the Pokemon Go set)

We will always do what we can to give as accurate a time frame as possible so that you know when your order will be released to you. If we have been given a confirmation from our suppliers that a certain product is going to be delayed then we will do our best to inform our customers of this by email and we will also put a delayed tag on the product on our website.

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