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How to Sort, Package and Submit your Cards
How to Sort, Package and Submit your Cards
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So you are ready to submit your cards to us! But how should you submit them to us?


You should sort/organise your cards by Rarity and Card Type. An example of this would be:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Special Energy

  • Trainer (regardless of rarity)

  • Holo Pokemon (regardless of rarity)

  • Celebrations Holo (regardless of rarity)

  • Reverse Pokemon (regardless of rarity)

  • Holo Trainer (regardless of rarity)

  • Reverse Trainer (regardless of rarity)

  • Holo Energy (regardless of rarity or card type)

  • V/VMAX/VSTAR/EX/ex/GX/illustrator/character rare/etc

    We cannot buy:

  • League Promo (we can't sell these on with us being a league)

  • Code Cards

  • Basic Energy

  • Damaged Bulk Cards

  • Non-English Cards

Please Note: There will be a minimum sorting fee of £3.00 applied to your submission (whether you choose to take our offer or not) as our team still has to spend time looking through your submission, sorting them and pricing them. The prices for this are estimated as follows:

Please keep in mind that these are estimates and can change depending on the length of time it takes to sort and price your submission. Also, if your cards arrive with us unsorted, this will take more time to sort and price, resulting in additional costs.

Packing your Cards

Cardboard Box - Fold Out Box For Storage (4000)

Fold-out Boxes allow for your cards to be rowed nicely and are a lot easier for storage. Be sure to use Dividers to separate the rarity of cards.

Make sure to add protection around the Storage Box. You cannot send this box to us using postal or courier services. This is because the box does not offer enough protection to ensure the cards arrive safely. You can do this by wrapping bubble wrap around the box and placing it in another box for example. If you would like your storage box/ storage mediums used to submit your cards returned you must make us aware of this when filling in your submission form

Your cards must be submitted to us appropriately packaged. We reserve the right to refuse any submission if it isn't packaged appropriately to protect the contents and of an adequate hygiene level (we had bugs in one submission).

If you need any further information regarding your submission feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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