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Discount Code Not Working
Discount Code Not Working
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We like to offer our products at the best prices possible and this includes issuing discount codes for certain brands/ products/ items. Sometimes these codes can have a few problems working at the checkout, but if you put your code into your basket instead of checkout this will work :)

Please follow these instructions to do so.

Please go to the Home screen as show above and click/ tap on the basket (Shopping bag icon circled in top Corner)

This will bring up the following side menu

In this step please click/ tap "View Basket" and this will bring you to where you will be able to put your discount code in

After the code is put in this will take you back to the home screen again and in the top left you will see that the code has been accepted, if not please do let us know

If you are on your Phone, this is the same process with just a few differences First Click the basket icon in the top right of the screen it will then bring this up

If you press View Basket it will bring you to the basket page, then scroll down a little and the discount button should be there, Please see below

​Please note most codes do not work on Sale items, Video Games or Pre-Order items unless stated on the code itself,

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