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Staggered Release Dates
Staggered Release Dates

When will my products be released

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Over the last year, Pokémon has chosen to stagger the release dates of their sets so that the products come out over several months. Often times we will receive a placeholder date for when the first items to be released will be so and this will be the general date set on the product's pre-orders while we find out what the actual release dates for each product will be.

This means that if we have not had these revised dates before you place your order it will look as if everything will be released at once and in reality there will be several release dates. We advise that if you are ordering a new Pokémon set that you are aware of all release dates for the products so that if it is necessary you can split your order to have the in-stock items arrive or you place multiple orders depending on release dates so that you aren't left waiting for your whole order to be fulfilled.

You can do this by leaving a note in the order comments of your order however, the most efficient and effective way to get your order split correctly is to speak to our support team at [email protected] and they can get this actioned correctly for you.

We must make you aware that if we do split your order and any part of it falls below the £20 free delivery cut-off that there may be additional shipping fees for us to be able to split your order the way you would like however this will always be made clear to you when you speak to our support team

If you need to know any of the release dates for the products on your order then please ask the support team and they will let you know the projected release date for a specific item, set or product.

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