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Splitting/ Combining orders
Splitting/ Combining orders

Separate an order with multiple release dates or combine multiple orders into one delivery

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We can all make choices that end up causing more problems than solutions however we will always do our best to make sure every experience with us is as simple and efficient as possible.

With that, we know there can be issues when you have either placed an order with staggered release dates for the products (Pokémon) or where you have placed multiple orders and would prefer the convenience of getting these orders as one delivery. In these situations, we are able to either split the order, combine it with another or in some cases both.

Split Orders

When we split an order this is usually down to different release dates for the products on the order. Most likely it will be on a Pokémon order that you would request for it to be split and in this case, we would work around the release dates. Please see the image for multiple release dates and how the order would need to be split. (Green is the first part of the order to be shipped, Orange second and Red is third)

When you notice a staggered release after you have placed your order the easiest way to get your order split is to contact our support team ([email protected]) and they can get the relevant information passed to the warehouse. Please bear in mind that if any parts of your split order fall below the £20 free delivery cutoff then we will most likely need to request additional shipping fees and these will be calculated for you based on the service you choose

Combining Orders

If you have placed multiple orders that have no specific release dates then we are able to combine these however there are some restraints when it comes to this. When combining orders that would be using a Royal Mail untracked service then the combined weight of the parcel would need to be under 2 Kg. For all other services, there is a 30 Kg weight limit and whilst we don't think there would be any order going Royal mail at that weight we can't guarantee this.

As with split orders, the best thing to do if you need to combine multiple orders is to leave a note in the order comments section of your order but also to reach out to the support team so that they can fully ensure that your request has gone to the warehouse correctly.

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