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Understanding Points
Understanding Points

What do points mean????? Discounts!!!!

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Here at Total Cards, we appreciate every single one of our customers and we are always looking for ways we can give back and say thank you for being so awesome. One of the ways we do this is with our Reward Points Program.

Rewards points do just like the Late Bruce Forsyth used to say and get you prizes, those prizes being an amount of discount off your order depending on your rewards tier and how many points you cash in

Our rewards system works on a tier system from Bronze to Platinum and each tier will give you a different amount of discount. Reaching these tiers is dependent on how much you spend with us throughout the month

By spending £0 - £30 within a 30-day period you will be in the Bronze Tier which will earn you a 1% discount on your orders per 100 points cashed in. (roughly 1p per 100 points)

By spending £30.01 - £200 within a 30-day period you would be entered into our Silver Tier earning you 1.5% per 100 points you cash in (1.5p per 100 points)

Spending £200.01 - £500 within a 30-day period would get you into the Gold Tier and that would get you 2% per 100 points spend (roughly 2p per 100 points)

To get to Platinum Tier you will need to spend £501+ within a 30-day period and this will result in a 2.5% discount per 100 points cashed in (roughly 2.5p per 100 points)

So with discussing what your points get you, let's talk about how you earn points.

Earning points is as easy as making a purchase with us. For every £1 you spend in our Gaming Centre or on the website you will earn 100 points. meaning the average booster box will net you upwards of 10,000 reward points. Also when you first create an account with us you earn 5000 points automatically and a further 3000 for signing up to our newsletter. This means that before you even place an order you have 8000 points to use straight away, getting you at least £1.20 off of your first order

There are other ways to earn Reward Points and these can be found on our website along with a useful calculator for spending and earning points here -

As with any issues that may occur if you still require assistance you can always reach out to our Support team at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist. With this just being one of the ways we like to give back to our customers we hope you can take full advantage of our rewards program

Please also note that any rewards points you receive are the equivalent of spending the corresponding amount with us on existing orders and do not equal the same monetary amount that has been spent (8000 points do not equal £80 available for you to spend with us and is equivalent to you having already spent £80 with us)

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