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While we try to make things as simple as possible sometimes there can be issues that are out of our hands. For instance, we have recently had a problem at checkout for many customers where their card details have been declined. There are a few reasons that this can occur but the most common is that either the CVV code (3 digits on the back of your card) or the address the card is linked to is incorrect

Before placing your order please make sure that all your address details are correct both for shipping and for billing and that the address linked to the payment card you are using is the same as the billing address you have input into our systems. If you have moved this might be the problem and the card is still linked to the old address, please try that first 😊

This is a security measure we have no control over and has recently been implemented by our payment provider. If you notice you are having issues either getting to payment or processing payment please follow the steps below before reaching out to our support team at [email protected]

Firstly empty your basket and sign out of your account. Add the products you are looking for to your order but DO NOT click/ tap on checkout.

Instead, go to the top right of the page (mobile and desktop) and you will find an icon that looks like a shopping bag. Click/ tap on this and it will open up a side menu showing the items you have in your basket.

It will have 2 buttons at the bottom VIEW BASKET and CHECKOUT. Click/ tap on VIEW BASKET and then follow the steps through to the checkout.

Once you get the shipping details put in correctly, you will be taken to the payment page where you can input the proper card details. Please double-check that the billing address for your card is the same one that you have used for your order and if the shipping address is different please make sure that is correct too.

Once you have done this you should have your order go through and get confirmed by the receipt of an email notification with your estimated delivery date, Order Number and the products you have ordered on it. If you do still have issues going through checkout give us a shout at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you through the process

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